Past Presidents of the 1960’s

1969 – 1970      Ruth Pucciarelli, RRL
1968 – 1969      Lillian Liebich, RRL
1967 – 1968      Janice Gardner, RRL
1966 – 1967      Hazel French, RRL
1965 – 1966      Ruth Hayward, RRL
1964 – 1965      Marjorie Gurney, RRL
1963 – 1964      Arnold Fieber, RRL
1962 – 1963      Joyce Gormley, RRL
1961 – 1962      Marie Smith, RRL

The medical record profession in Massachusetts was flourishing during the 60s. Education in the profession was growing. The AAMRL Correspondence Course was taking root nationwide, and in Massachusetts the Rindge Technical High School began a program that would train a person in all of the functions of the medical record department. Northeastern University opened its day program in the fall of 1966. Nationwide accredited medical record technicians received AAMRL voting rights in 1964.

Most of the focus in the second half of the decade was on the Medicare Act that Lyndon Johnson had signed in 1965. There was talk of a uniform hospital medical record number for patients. The social security number was proposed but not widely accepted.

During this decade:

  • In 1963 MMRA published its first medico-legal handbook.
  • Bylaw changes in the 1960s provided for the term of office for association officers was reduced from two years to one, and another change had the president and president-elect automatically becoming delegates to the American Association of Medical Record Librarians’ House of Delegates.